Monthly Archives: May 2009

Milky Milky!

I have taken to using Remember the Milk for managing the tasks that I have, at least this way I don’t forget to put the trash out. If you get a pro account then you can use the free app on iphone/itouch to manage your tasks. You can also setup an email address to receive […]

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No more scratched discs!

With a baby crawling around, I soon realised that I had to come up with some way of putting movies onto a device which cannot be accessed by the baby. I already had a Netgear ReadyNAS storing shared files such as my iTunes library and pictures, so I installed Twonky Media server onto the Ready […]

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Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

I don’t play many Nintendo DS games, but I love Grand Theft Auto IV so I thought I would give it a go. The game reminded me of the orignal GTA series from many many years ago. The biggest problem I have with the game is that I am used to the XBox and PS3 […]

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